1. Aseptic Processing

Aseptic processing of litchi beverage is a sophisticated and advanced method of preserving the juice by sterilizing it and packaging it in a sterile environment. The process involves carefully controlling the entire production chain to ensure that the final product remains free from harmful microorganisms and maintains its quality and nutritional value.

Here is an overview of the aseptic processing of litchi beverage:

This technique does not require post-processing refrigeration and increases the shelf life of litchi beverages for more than six months which goes up to 12 months from the date of processing.

2. High Pressure Processing Technology :

High Pressure Processing (HPP) of litchi beverage is a non-thermal food processing technique that uses high pressure to preserve and extend the shelf life of the beverage. The process involves subjecting the bottled or packaged litchi beverage to very high pressures, typically between 300 and 600 megapascals (MPa), for a short duration of time, usually a few seconds to a few minutes.

The HPP method offers several advantages over traditional thermal pasteurization:

However, it is essential to consider that HPP may not be effective against certain spore-forming bacteria or enzymes present in the litchi beverage. Therefore, other preservation methods or combinations of processes might be necessary to ensure complete safety and stability.

Overall, the high-pressure processing of litchi beverages offers a promising alternative to traditional pasteurization methods, providing safer, fresher, and higher-quality products for consumers.

3. Hot Fill Processing of Litchi Beverage

Hot fill processing is a popular method used for preserving litchi beverages and other fruit-based drinks. It is a type of thermal processing that involves filling the beverage into containers at a high temperature and then sealing the containers immediately. The process typically involves the following steps:

(Content shared by Shri Devendra Pawar, Application Manager- Taste & Wellbeing, Givaudan (India) Pvt Ltd and Ms. Garima Kapoor, Young Professional, PMU-PMFME, NIFTEM-K)